About Us
About Us

About Us

We are a solution partner in pesticide field with a 40 years experience .
Farmatek  is an independent, privately owned company located at organized chemical indusrial zone in Istanbul.
We celebrates our 22nd year with many new projects and obtaining GMP certification in veterinary ectoparasiticide formulation field .
We specialised in the liquid formulation of chemical products for use in Veterinary ectoparasite, Public Health and Plant protection fields. 

✓ Farmatek® was founded in 1994. The initial product portfolio comprised of imported a few agricultural pesticides.
✓  In 1997 we founded a small formulation establishment, then we moved to our present production establisment at Istanbul Tuzla Organized Industrial Zone for  Chemical Industry in 2000.
✓ In the due course, we became capable of making several “modern liquid” formulations of the pesticides.

We always walk forward in order to be in the forefront with our vision that do not confine itself to what exists and that runs with the aim of renewal in our sector together with our partners…
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